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Sonic Massage - A Sacred Sound Journey
and Golden Galaxy Ride
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Upcoming Events
with Tom Lange and Jen Ervast

We would love to see you at any of these events. Contact us if you would like to talk about collaborations, private group events or individual sound healing sessions. We also have gongs and Tibetan singing bowls available for sale.

Please bring pillows and/or blankets to these events for your comfort.

Living Room Sound Awakening
Wednesday October 14th
5420 SW Idaho Street, Portland
Join us for an cozy, intimate sacred sound journey in our home under the ceiling mandala.
Suggested donation $10-15.
Bring a pillow and blanket for comfort.

Sound Awakening at Crystal Temple
Sunday, October 25th
Crystal Temple
7525 N Richmond Ave (at Lombard)
Portland, OR 97203
503-249-0303 for more information.


Sonic Massage